Who do YOU believe?

I note a few comments on the bulletin boards over the weekend questioning the likelihood of West Newton and the Penistone Flags being mobilised this year and one comment in particular from a pro-UJO poster suggesting she would rather trust David Bramhill’s comments than others on that bb.

And this is where common sense needs to kick in.

Anyone posting on the bulletin boards, likewise myself on here, is expressing an opinion which to the best of their/my knowledge is likely to be correct.

Of course, the only people that are likely to be correct are those that run the company/s who actually know what is happening.

However, it is possible to make a far better judgement by reading between the lines, taking note of management comment and putting two and two together to get four, not three!

With regard to West Newton, David Bramhill referred to a ‘renaissance’ of the asset this year in a very recent interview with Sarah Lowther of TMS Reach, and his obvious excitement at the prospect being revived in 2024.

This was followed by an update from Reabold Resources stating that they could potentially finance Rathlin Resources’ share of the operation should that be required.

This in fact solves Rathlin’s cash embarrassment should they not manage to  attract outside interest.

So, surely it’s fair to say with Reabold enforcing this in an official update and also at the Shares Magazine Investor Evening in Edinburgh last week and with Union Jack being fully funded too, we WILL see West Newton drilled this year.

This then leads me to the Penistone Flags. David Bramhill seemed again extremely confident in this being actioned in 2024 in his recent interview and also in an RNS where he stated “In the UK, we have planned programmes, which include the drilling and development of the Penistone Flags formation, containing material gas reserves on our flagship Wressle development”.

So, as you can see, any assumptions on the bulletin boards to the contrary are not taking into account a more informed opinion which really is quite foolish in my opinion. Would you believe the comments from anonymous posters, many with an agenda to instigate uncertainty, or those of the people in the know?

Whilst nothing is guaranteed, for me, the possible is far more likely.