Union Jack on the move! More news today 💪

I have to say I am very pleased with the strong show of hands for the election of Craig Howie to the Union Jack board yesterday, it certainly showed in the increase in the share price and a strong trading day with well over 3/4 million shares going through.

A nice write up from Malcy https://www.malcysblog.com/2024/04/oil-price-ujo-galp-sintana-eco-eog-and-finally/ who expressed his delight at this announcement with a solid confirmation of the potential ‘marriage made in heaven’ between Craig and Union Jack.

This announcement was unexpected. One of the ‘rabbits’ revealed from Davids hat?

Talking about rabbits and hats…………..

Yet another RNS today confirming the company is taking part in the Sidoti virtual micro-cap conference on the 8th/9th May. You can read all about the company here https://sidoti.com

Yet again, another major step to bringing attention to Union Jack! Look at the ‘about’ details for Sidoti:

“Sidoti’s mission is to provide a nexus between small- and micro-cap issuers and investors. Our institutional clients enjoy a combination of quality equity research, a nationwide sales effort, and broad access to corporate management teams. Covered companies can benefit from Sidoti’s insightful research and the opportunity to interact with many of our 1,500 institutional relationships by appearing at our conferences. Most of Sidoti’s investors clients manage portfolios with $200 million to $2 billion of assets and have a specific interest in the small- and micro-cap arena, creating a mutually beneficial forum for information exchange”

Think about it! 💪

What next? West Newton mobilisation? Results from the Andrews-1-17 well? Confirmation of revenues generated by the mineral royalties? News on West Newton? So much news to come and with the move into the US almost guaranteed to generate regular updates, 2024 is set to take Union Jack to new highs. This company is fast becoming an investment, rather than a traders dream or an AIM gamble.

David Bramhill has quite obviously been working behind the scenes to bring all of these changes to the company and improve the outlook for the long term success. For all the recent noise, demands for clarity etc, one can only announce news when it is ready to publish, not halfway through a deal, or an idea that needs to be brought to fruition.

It is quite obvious to anyone who has any idea of working with JV partners that are also the operator on shared assets, that it is the operator that dictates timescales and from what I am seeing, Biscathorpe, Keddington and North Kelsey are on the back burner, the Penistone Flags are potentially a year away and that, apart from Wressle-1, is a situation Union Jack can do little about.

West Newton I do believe will be mobilised in 2024 but when you look at the work in hand, apart from that possibility,  there isn’t really any!

The decision to move into the US could actually be the one and only strategy that the company could exercise to restore confidence, value and sentiment and I applaud them for ignoring what is a lack lustre effort by their peer companies who have no cash, little chance of raising any and whose future is ‘not bright’.


No wonder  Mr.Bramhill is smiling😀