The Bulletin Board Experience!

Every now and then I like to take a look at the bulletin board on LSE to see what the crazy gang are saying and I have to say, I am never disappointed at the lunacy that continues to fill it every day.

Now obviously I am going to have to start with the BB’s most prolific loon, ‘our Heid’.

Now Heid seems to think, no, actually believes that everything she says is heeded by David Bramhill who immediately calls a board meeting and arm wrestles his fellow directors into doing her bidding.

The announcement of a dividend? Yes folks. All down to her demanding it. The appointment of Craig Howie, a gentleman that brings an average 5 year reduction in age to the company team ( let’s ignore his qualifications, his experience and the position he has held as an analyst), was again all down to Heid and her relentless ageist comments. Well done David Bramhill for cowing to ‘our Heid’.😂

I have quite honestly never seen such an egotistical, obviously deranged, non-shareholder spend what must constitute three quarters of her day, seven days a week, posting like a woman possessed.

She tries to make out the is some kind of oil expert, that her untrained, inexperienced point of view is more valid than the qualified persons running Union Jack. Her shareholding ‘family’ must be ever so impressed at her single handedly salvaging the share price for them. (After doing her best to drag it down)

Next we have Pboo. Blocked by Union Jack’s X account which upset him so much he cannot type a single positive word about the company. Regardless of any achievement, positive RNS, this guy analyses every word, looking for anything he can twist to generate some negativity. He is another who is obsessed by his desire to ‘pay back’ the company for his demise on the X account.

Christine Taylor? Positive as hell but seemingly a little too bothered by Heid’s dross. Tries to defend her investment but in a way, annoying in that she bites whenever anyone says anything negative.

MrSwamp is believed to be Peter Hamilton, an activist who is appewrs to be in receipt of a number of social security benefits that allow him all the free time he needs to annoy the operators of any fossil fuel site and delay vehicle mobement. Whilst he professes to object to oil and gas, he apparently drives smokey old diesel vans, fly-tips all his rubbish after a ‘campaign’ and goes months without nearing soap or water.

Karina1. Karina seems to enjoy winding Heid up, all in all a positive and genuine shareholder with a great sense of humour. Avoids the unpleasantness but I did note a reference to fruit cake at the AGM which I can only assume referred to someone on the bb.

Aimdogs. The belief by Christine Taylor it is Tom Winnifrith of Shareprophets infamty. I can see where she is coming from as his history shows he is negative on the exact same companies Mr. Winnifrith writes his articles about. Certainly a coincidence that would suggest as much.

There are so many more on that bulletin board worthy of comment but these are the most interesting, mainly due to their negativity, positivity and the fact they drown out anyone else who posts any comment.

This article is only meant as a bit of fun, at the end of the day nothing that anyone posts on there really has any effect on the company, what they action or what they say. Heid is not running the company, Christine I am sure is not the half dozen other people Heid believes her to be and the company is going to do very well without any of them.

Great business by David Bramhill this year, long may it continue and long may the share-price continue to improve 💪