The Andrews-1 Well, Oklahoma

The Andrews-1 well in Oklahoma is Union Jack’s first well in collaboration with Reach Oil & Gas.

With drilling imminent and groundworks already commenced, shareholders should be excited to once again be part of a drilling operation that offers a 75% chance of success.

The target for the drill is the Hunton Limestone formation which lies within the STACK play in central Oklahoma, as well as beyond the defined boundary in north-central and north-west Oklahoma.

Structurally, this productive formation lies along the border of the Anadarko basin to the southwest and the Anadarko shelf to the north east. . This carbonate reservoir, sourced from the overlying Devonian Woodford shale, internally provides multiple characteristics of secondary

porosity, such as diagenesis, karsting, vugular porosity, dolomite, and regional fracturing.

From 70+ horizontal wells drilled in central Oklahoma, image log analysis has determined that the entire Hunton interval contains a large network of partial and open fractures that span across the region.

As a carbonate formation with unconventional porosity, the completion process must also be

viewed unconventionally. The fracture network within the formation must be exploited to obtain a long term producing and naturally flowing horizontal well. With a higher than average recovery efficiencies for STACK horizontal wells, EUR’s for the Hunton Limestone intervals range from 125k BO to 385k BO and 2.5 BCFG to 3.5 BCFG. The secondary porosity inherent within the formation, the regional fracture network, and custom fracturing design, ultimately provides evidence for a large and economically viable hydrocarbon reservoir within the STACK play of central Oklahoma.

Based on the history of previous drilling operations, the Andrews-1 well could offer up between 50 to  150 bopd as Union Jacks share in this venture which will be a considerable increase in revenues and provide ‘home grown’ financing for additional drills.

There’s no doubt in my mind that entering the US will not only prove to be a very shrewd move by David Bramhill, but ensure the future of the company financially regardless of any issues we may see in the UK with any change of government and I, as all genuine shareholders am looking forward to the spudding of our first well. As you can see from the images below, Reach have already commenced the groundworks and are no doubt even further ahead. I look forward to the next set if images from Union Jack