More fantastic news from Union Jack Oil #ujo #ujogf

This is yet more fantastic news for shareholders with Union Jack Oil now being listed on the OTCQB in the United States and more so as they are not issuing new shares. Why is this so relevant?

This means that anyone in the States looking to buy in will have to buy from the UK shares in issue!

The market makers will potentially require a substantial amount of these shares in order to fill any buy trades and they will have no choice but to mark the price up, then mark it up again and again to attract sellers.

Luckily for us shareholders, and thank’s to the consolidation a while back, there are relatively few shares in issue so I can see an almighty squeeze if the interest builds in this little UK listed company who now own assets in Oklahama along with some very interesting mineral royalties in a number of well known US oil companies.

Think what you may about Union Jack and it’s management, but it is becoming materially obvious where this is all heading and you cannot help being impressed and excited with the way David Bramhill and the board are addressing the situation in the UK by diversifying so speedily and hopefully successfully,  with the results of their first well, the Andrews-1-17, which can be expected any day now.

US investors will love this little UK company and their buying will encourage a marked increase in value here, with the potential for the share price to be subjected to a pressure not seen before.

Beware over the coming weeks and months as the Market Makers play all their tricks, dropping the share price to frighten you out, raising the share price to encourage you to take profits. They will want your shares, but with all the news flow expected, this will be no time to be selling!

I know of no other UK onshore oiler with such fantastic prospects and exciting potential and look forward to an extremely positive and rewarding year ahead.

Good luck to all genuine shareholders!