Is sentiment about to return? I think so.

There’s no doubt about the lack of sentiment in Union Jack Oil, that is quite clear when you look at the bulletin boards, but, from my point of view what would appear to be the case is that it is based on the past and a fresher view is not being taken of the future.

There are referrals to a leaked placing. It is seemingly dragged up every now and then as a negative to remind everyone that the company has some bad history. However, that was in 2019!!! From what I can gather there have been no leaks on any RNS since, so who really cares? One thing I am fully aware if is when a company, any company, does a sounding with its brokers, those brokers pass that down to their investors and there lies the problem. It becomes the knowledge of the privileged who sell down in readiness to take a new holding, thus causing a run of selling and a crash in the value for small shareholders.

Since then however, the company has morphed from a fund raising entity into a profitable, debt free and revenue generating company with assets in both the UK and the US, substantial cash in the bank, has given dividends and bought back shares. So again, why the lack of sentiment?

The fossil fuel industry as a whole has been demonised. Governments world wide have been cajoled by a minority into believing in the potential of green energy. They have also at last started to realise that all the wonderful energy producing wind turbines and solar panels aren’t going to cut it. Their rush to electric vehicles is failing even faster as people realise they have limited distance, charging them is proving more costly than combustion engines, the distance is shorter, the availability of charge points insufficient and, the real award winner, they are made of fossil fuel bi-products.

There’s no doubt in my opinion that we will see a return to the love of oil and the markets will readjust their present outlook. And who better to benefit from this about-turn than Union Jack who are producing their own oil.

Approximately 600-700 bopd in the UK and soon they will be turning a number of barrels in the US too. The world is UJO’s oyster moving forward and the share price should see multiples of what it is today. What other little UK AIM listed company is progressing like this one? What other little UK AIM listed company is sat so comfortable with no threat of any unexpected fund raise?

So let’s leave the past where it belongs and look to the exciting future offered to shareholders and  potential investors in Union Jack Oil.