Is a bigger than expected discovery on the cards for Union Jack?

What a fantastic result for Union Jack Oil with the Andrews-1 well  being confirmed with a ‘positive drilling update, testing the West Bowlegs Prospect.

I am very excited with David Bramhills comments about the well being described as “our first well being a major success”. Why would he be so confident that he could, at this stage, declare an outcome as such?

It is quite clear that by only drilling to a total depth of 4,600 feet instead of the expected 5200 feet, oil was discovered much earlier than expected, cutting short the operation and allowing some investigative work prior to the RNS yesterday.

With today’s modern 3d technology, they would have been quite confident with the original depth so why stop at 4600 feet?

I think this well is going to be something a lot better than the operator expected.

Wireline logging operations, completion, perforation and testing is underway and we could get news on this as early as next week which I believe will start the real journey for Union Jack in the United States.

A major success says it all to me and I will be counting the days to seeing just what they have discovered as it seems to me that what the operator has encountered on this drill is somewhat more prolific than expected.

Come on Union Jack, let’s be having you 💪😂