Great presentation by Zac Philips. Don’t miss it!

Yesterday’s presentation on the Sidoti events platform by Union Jack’s commercial advisor Zac Philips was a strong signal to shareholders and potential investors that this company is going places.

With the recent ‘hugely successful’ Andrews-1-17 well being proven commercial, the Andrews-2 well in the planning phase and some seriously impressive mineral royalties purchased and returning revenues, this strategic entry into the United States can only impress.

Now listed on the OTCQB, with the award winning  Harbor Access engaged, who state how they are ‘selective in taking on client engagements, and focus on those where we believe our involvement can maximise positive outcomes’, is surely a testament to their belief Union Jack is certainly winning an audience who can see the future.

I have noted the usual negativity on the achievements made to date, with the Andrews-1 well being suggested a ‘stripper well’. This is of course either a total lack of understanding or an attempt to antagonise and disrupt any good sentiment in the company. In my opinion, it is the latter and I am sure most would agree.

Union Jack is a rare commodity on the UK AIM market. It is profitable. It is debt free. It has already paid dividends and another is looming. It has an impressive asset portfolio and an experienced management team.

One thing that I look at with any oil company investment is location, management, likelihood of asset development, cash position and good company feedback. Union Jack has it all.

Generating revenues in the region of £500,000 per month which is set to substantially increase, already receiving cash from their US assets and looking at additional wells both in the UK & the US, investors should be able to envision a strong long term journey of success and returns as this company progresses.

My advice to any potential investor would be to avoid the negative comments on bulletin boards at all costs. They have little basis for their views, many have personal agendas and some are just plain loons.

Listen to the presentation here and listen to Zac present Union Jack to investors.

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