Be careful who you trust. Remember, the Devil was once an Angel 😈

Easter, a time for chocolate, hot cross buns, but certainly not fruit cakes!

My last article was about Heid, the bored Essex housewife who seems to spend all her waking hours image altering, harassing the management of an oil company and attacking anyone with a differing opinion to her own. I only wrote it in response to her continued accusations that I write bollocks. Well, I have, but only in response to her attacks on me. 

Talking about responses to my article, Heid posted up what appears to be a personal interaction between herself and the chappy who runs, or used to run the Union Oil Jack X account. What has that got to do with what I wrote? 

I find this quite strange as she is always referring to him as her lovely ‘George’ so to read that she has disrespected him so poorly is very disappointing. One should never betray a confidence regardless.

I do also find it incredibly funny (and irrelevant) that rather than try to dispute any of my points, (which she can’t) she has instead compiled a portfolio of another person’s posts on the LSE, who strangely suggests also that she may be quite loopy.  That must have taken all night to trawl through the LSE gathering her ‘evidence’ of something totally immaterial to the content I wrote.

Who is this woman? Where does she post from? Does she have an armless straitjacket? Has she murdered all of her ‘family’ that are so called ‘invested’ in Union Jack so she can access all their accounts as she claims she can do?

Heid, turn yourself in before the police are called, ageism is a criminal offence and you are as guilty as sin of that.

You suggest I refer to you as an internet bully? Of course I do because that’s precisely what you are and that is as clear as your padded cell window.

You have berated this management incessantly, 20, 30, 40, 50 posts a day on the LSE, drowning out any positive comment as it appears, your ego knows no bounds. You created an X account to do the same. I mean, look at it, altered pictures of just about everyone associated with the company. I feel aggrieved, you haven’t created one of me yet!

Look luv, you are NOT an oil guru, you could NEVER run an oil company and you will NEVER be on the board of one.

What you ARE, is a small time investor who called it wrong. You are bitter and twisted about making the same mistake three times, UKOG, RBD and UJO.

Now get a life, eat your Easter eggs and shut the feck up for a few months to allow the company to get on with the job they are tasked to do.

Happy Easter