A one off comment on this blog!

I don’t believe I have ever seen such a vindictive, targeted attack on a company’s board of directors as what is going on by one individual on the London South East bulletin board. A shameful display of vindictive and unpleasant attacks, the use of personal information including private conversations and home details.

Daily, nightly, the abuse is relentless and to the point of being some form of paranoia. It is sad to see what effect loss making share trading has had on someone to turn them into what would seem to be a spiteful and unpleasant person with such little moral integrity who feels it is acceptable to insult and harass what, in reality, amounts to a number of pensioners. This in no way reflects on their capability, it is just a point of fact.

Whilst the board of Union Jack may be under pressure over the share price, to constantly barrage them with this relentless, offensive and completely repulsive comment on a public bulletin board is wholly unacceptable.

You buy shares, you take your chances, you aren’t happy, you sell. This individual proclaims to have no holding in the company whatsoever which makes her behaviour even more ridiculous and reprehensible.

It was my experience of her in just over 48 hours that convinced me to remove myself from the bulletin board in question and start this blog. A place where I could express an opinion without having to read the absolute claptrap that is being spouted about mine and other’s investments by this person.

This will be my one and only comment on this subject and I apologise for even mentioning it but when somebody cannot so much as spell ‘and’ correctly has the gaul to suggest my efforts to support other shareholders who actually do see a great future for Union Jack is ‘full of bullshit’, it somewhat boiled my blood.

I wish all shareholders a stronger share price and a solid investment outcome here, it is, in my opinion, a company with a great future ahead of it.