Nothing to be Negative about on Union Jack Oil

Never have I read so much dross from a few people who seem determined to inflict their pessimistic, deflating and negative opinions on the RNS from Union Jack today.

It is quite clear from all their comments on previous news flow that even though the company has negated a path away from all the anti-fossil fuel UK stance, that they have entered the United States in quite a remarkable way with a successful, commercial well within months of arrival, have already put into place the planning for another and has confirmed substantial returns from the mineral royalties, those with their own agendas continue in their efforts to drown out any positive sentiment being posted on the bulletin boards by ACTUAL shareholders.

Similar wells in close proximity to the first Andrews well produce in the region of 150 barrels of oil per day (bopd) and David Bramhill has confirmed that this well is a ‘major success’.

Bulletin board poster Pboo suggests it could be just 20 barrels. Of course, it could be, but let’s be fair, it is highly unlikely based on the RNS today.

Why didn’t the company release flow rates? Try reading the RNS maybe? The well is being cleaned up and testing continues, with equipment being brought in to optimise production. “OPTIMISE PRODUCTION”. Does anyone think for a moment they will be optimising 20 or 30 barrels per day? 😂

Neither would they be drilling a second well if the result was so poor. Think about that.

Whilst it would have been nice to have some flow rates. There was absolutely no way on earth they could release them mid-test. They have said major success, they are pitting site facilities in to sell the gas, they are already selling the oil. Are they selling 20 bopd? I think not 😂

The share price will advance as more & more success is achieved & in my view, all we have seen this year is success.💪


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